What We Do ?

Premium Quality

Premium quality Agro Products

Fresh & Healthy

Refreshing for both man and livestock

100% Organic

The natural way but with hygenic and Cutting-edge technology


Order Fulfilment

 As a service provider, we are your partner in progress. We satisfy all our clients that need raw agro products for their production in ensuring they get their supplies and on time.

With capacity to deliver up to 500MT of Agro commodities weekly, we are among the largest distributors of Agro products in Africa. Our produce include: Maize, Soybeans, Dried Split Ginger, Paddy Rice, Sesame Seeds, Cashew Nuts, Parboiled rice, Sorghum, Beans etc.


Agro Processing

With our high tech facilities and low human contact processes, we produce nutritious stone free edible Rice, Starch, Palm Oil etc. Our products meet international standards and are NAFDAC certified.


Logistics Services

We help our clients move goods within and outside the country. We do provide Clearing and Forwarding services as well.


Cluster Farming

As part of our mantra of succeeding together, we operate a farmers cluster network where we provide high yielding disease resistant seeds to local farmers.

We also provide fertilizers, farm machines and Agricultural Extension services to ensure our farmers produce maximum harvest. We currently have over 5,000 farmers on our network.


Farm Machines Sales, Rentals and Maintenance

With our access to the Original Equipment Manufacturers, we procure farm machines and maintain farm machines like Tractors, etc for our clients.


Agricultural Extension and Consultancy Service

Our team of experts and professionals are available for consultancy services. With years of experience, coupled with continuous research and development, we are always on the forefront in pushing the limits of Agricultural best practices.

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