The team ?


Victor Onwudiwe: Chief Commercial Officer

With over a decade in Operations and Service Delivery in E-Commerce and Mobile VAS Industry, Victor brings his experience to the table. As a high-level executive, he is responsible for leading and overseeing the Commercial Strategy, Sales, Marketing, and Business Development functions of an organization. He plays a crucial role in driving revenue growth, expanding market share, and maximizing profitability. With an MSc in Business Studies and Operations, he combines strategic thinking, sales expertise, marketing acumen, and leadership skills to shape the commercial strategy, foster business growth, and achieve sustainable financial results.


Gracious Above: Co-Founder

Gracious has played in the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria for over 12years. She has been part of major exploration and drilling campaigns in Nigeria. As a Co-Founder, she is responsible for shaping the vision, strategy, and direction of the company. With an MBA from University of South Wales, she combines her entrepreneurial vision, leadership skills, industry expertise, and strategic thinking to establish and scale the business.


Matilda Tomi-Adeyemo: Chief Financial Officer

Matilda began her career in one of Nigeria’s Oil and Gas companies. As a senior executive, she is responsible for managing the financial aspects of the business. She plays a critical role in strategic decision-making, financial planning, and ensuring the financial health and stability of the company. With over 13years work experience and an MBA from Greenwich University, UK, Matilda combines financial expertise, leadership skills, and strategic thinking to optimize financial performance, manage risks, and support the company’s growth and long-term sustainability.


Aliyu Danmasani: Commodity Manager

Aliyu plays a vital role in ensuring the efficient and cost-effective procurement of essential commodities for the company. He leverages his expertise in procurement, supply chain management, and strategic thinking to optimize sourcing strategies, manage supplier relationships, and mitigate risks associated with specific commodities. His efforts contribute to the smooth operation of the business and help drive value through effective procurement practices. He plays a crucial role in ensuring the availability, quality, and cost-effectiveness of commodities essential for the company’s operations.

Ahmed Tijani Yusuf (Supply Chain Manager)


Ahmed Tijani Yusuf: Supply Chain Manager

Yusuf, popularly known as TJ is responsible for overseeing and optimizing the end-to-end supply chain operations of the business. He plays a vital role in ensuring the efficient flow of goods, services, and information from suppliers to customers, while minimizing costs and maximizing customer satisfaction. By effectively managing suppliers, implementing efficient processes, and leveraging technology, he contributes to the business’s operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and cost savings.

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